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Group Exercise Classes


Winter Class Schedule:

MON: 6am Spin + Strength w/Robyn

9am 40-minute HIIT w/Michelle

TUES: 6am Strength Circuit w/Josh

9am WOW (Women on Weights) w/Michelle

10am Fit & Flow w/Lindsay

5:30pm Yoga & Sound Bath w/Stephanie

WED: 6am Spin + Strength w/Robyn

9am 40-minute HIIT w/Michelle

THUR: 9am WOW (Women on Weights) w/Michelle

5:30pm Yoga & Sound Bath w/Stephanie

FRI: 6am Strength Circuit w/Josh

SAT: 9am 30-min Full Body Blast w/Michelle

SUN: 9am Yoga w/Stephanie

* Class times are subject to change.

Signup on Glofox at least 24 hours in advance

We offer a variety of classes to help you get in shape, build strength and have fun. Group classes are the perfect way to create a routine, have accountability, and build a community of support. All levels are welcome!


Stephanie Kissee has years of experience teaching at studios in California. She mixes Hatha and Vinyasa postures to create a hybrid class to work your mind, body, and soul. Hatha focuses on isometric postures, allowing the body to move deeper into the pose. Enhancing strength, flexibility, ad balance. Vinyasa incorporates dynamic yoga flow, linking postures and breath. Heat-building, cardiovascular exercise, followed by stress-relieving, peaceful repose. 

Spin + Strength

This class is the best of both worlds mixing cardio and strength moves for a total body workout that will burn maximum calories. HITT, Tabata and Hills on the bike followed by strength and core moves off the bike. 

Intro to Strength

This is a great class for those wanting to get stronger but not sure what to do. You'll learn proper form and exercises to improve strength, posture and overall health. 

Strength Circuit

This is a fun and effective group workout to get you fit fast. Each class has a different strength circuit with dynamic moves to leave you sweaty and feeling great.

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